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Heritage Bakery wedding cake with fresh flowers


wedding dessert table with cupcakes from Heritage Bakery


Wedding Cakes

Sizes & Pricing

Single tier cakes:

  • 4″ for $20
  • 6″ for $30
  • 9″ for $40
  • 10″ for $50
  • 12″ for $60

Two tier cakes:

  • 6″/8″ for $225
  • 8″/10″ for $275
  • 10″/12″ for $325

Sheet cakes for $75


Dessert Tables


  • Cupcakes- $2.25/regular, .75 cents/mini
  • Cookies- $1.95 each
  • Butter cookie animals with rainbow sprinkles- .25 cents each
  • Lemon Bars- $2.50each
  • Tarts- $4 each
  • Macarons- $3.25 each
  • Coconut macaroons- $3.00 each
  • buttercream iced sugar cookies- $2.75 each

Rental $25

3 options

  • Mismatched ceramic tea tiers and cake stand
  • Wooden boxes & wooden slab cake platter
  • Four tier wooden stand with cake on top and desserts on bottom tiers
  • Dried bouquets & gold candlestick holders/candles available

(needs to be returned to us within 48 hours)

Delivery & Set up

$75-$200 depending on distance

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2. The day you pick up your tasting, you’ll also receive a Google doc where you can fill out your wedding details. Let us know when it’s filled out and we will go over it with you, give you a quote & go from there. 

3. if you don’t get a response within 4 days, reach out to us at

We only have availability left in December for 2022!

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Popular flavors include almond/raspberry, lemon/lavender, classic vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/espresso or mint, etc. Possibilities are endless!