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Heritage Bakery wedding cake with fresh flowers


wedding dessert table with cupcakes from Heritage Bakery


Wedding Cakes

Single tier sizes & prices:

  • 6″ for $34 (feeds 8)
  • 8″ for $46 (feeds 12-15)
  • 10″ for $58 (feeds 24-30)

* stack for a 2 or 3 tier 

We are trying to make tiered wedding cakes a little more affordable, easier to assemble and easier to transport so instead of connecting the tiers by rods, we will just be stacking them. You’ll see a little scalloped gold board peeking out with each layer but flowers will be assembled as usual and it will come together beautifully 💕. Once you slice up the top tier, just take the gold board off and continue on to the tier below, etc. 


Dessert Table Options

  • Cookies ($1.50 each)
  • Shortbread (.25-.50 cents each)
  • Cupcakes (mini .75 cents each/ standard $2.25 each)
  • Macarons ($3.25 each)
  • Tarts ($3.00 each)
  • Banana pudding cup layered with whipped cream and hone teddy grahams ($3 each)
  • Sheet cake slices- serves 24 ($60)  

Delivery & Set Up

$75 within 30 minutes away

$150 within an hour away

*We do not deliver further than 1 hour 20 minutes away!



$50 set of tiers, platters, cake stand, cake server, tablecloths, candles, vase and bouquet, etc.


We will talk about style and options :).

How it works:

1. Fill out the form below and once we confirm your date is available, we will work together to find a date for your tasting pick up!

2. The day you pick up your tasting, you’ll also receive a Google doc where you can fill out your wedding details. Let us know when it’s filled out and we will go over it with you, give you a quote & go from there.

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More About the Tasting

Once you submit this form & your wedding date is confirmed, we will schedule a tasting!
Popular flavors include almond/raspberry, lemon/lavender, classic vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/espresso or mint, etc. Possibilities are endless!