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If you would like to place an order, fill out the questionnaire below including availability for a complimentary tasting. We’ll let you know if your date is available and then proceed to scheduling your tasting!

Heritage Bakery wedding cake with fresh flowers


wedding dessert table with cupcakes from Heritage Bakery


Wedding Cakes

Sizes & Pricing

Single tier cakes:

  • 4″ for $20
  • 6″ for $30
  • 9″ for $40
  • 10″ for $50
  • 12″ for $60

Two tier cakes:

  • 6″/8″ for $225
  • 8″/10″ for $275
  • 10″/12″ for $325

Sheet cakes for $75

Tasting Information

All tastings are pick up at this time and will be paired with a Google Doc (sent via email) for you both to fill out regarding venue, delivery options, rental options, cake and dessert options, etc. Once filled out, we will discuss further!

If interested, fill out our form below for a complimentary tasting (cupcake style) with your choice of 3 cake/buttercream combos.

You can find a list of options on our special orders page under celebration cakes.

Gluten free and vegan available!

Dessert Tables

Dessert Options

Cupcakes- $2.25/regular, .75 cents/mini 

Cookies- $1.50 each

*vegan chocolate chip, ginger molasses, monster, old fashioned iced brown butter oat, chocolate walnut chubbies, lemon sugar cookies, etc.

Shortbread with rainbow sprinkles- .25 cents each

* you can pick your color & animal: bunnies, lions, zebras, giraffes, etc.  (our Instagram has many examples!)

Bars- $2.50 each

*fruity pebble rice krispy treats, pecan bars, almond bars, magic bars, coconut cashew bars, etc. 

Macarons- $3.25 each

* flavors are endless, 12 minimum per flavor   


Prices vary depending on desserts and amount.

Rental: $25 (three options available)

Set Up & Delivery: $75

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Once you submit this form & your wedding date is confirmed, we will schedule a tasting!
Popular flavors include almond/raspberry, lemon/lavender, classic vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/espresso or mint, etc. Possibilities are endless!